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As a young creative entrepreneur based in Belgium, I find my greatest joy in crafting exceptional experiences. My ultimate passion lies in problem-solving, with a constant goal of enhancing the lives of others through design.

My main strength as a designer lies in my passion for delivering top-notch solutions to challenging problems. I am creative, enthusiastic, and always curious.


UX/UI Design

Revolutionizing Farming with a Digital Fertilization Solution

This project involves creating a multi-platform digital solution that enhances crop yields and promotes responsible farming practices.

UX/UI Design

From A to Z: Creating a Tablet app to Digitalize Police Controls

A challenging project with extended scope across most product design's usual activities, with a key impact on society.

UX/UI Design

Optimizing the Construction of Wind Turbines

This project helps employees calculate wind turbines parameters & costs more efficiently. And now it also looks good.

UX/UI Design

Solving Usability Issues of an Insurance & Banking App

A comprehensive 2-week UX audit for a new insurance application within a prominent Belgian bank.

UX/UI Design

Transforming the Way to Buy New Cars

This project involves the design of an innovative reservation flow for buying a new electric car.

UX/UI Design, Website creation

Landing page design: a Quality Management tool for Faculties

A project of researching, designing and implementing a landing page for a pioneering data analysis software.

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