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Siemens Gamesa

Optimizing the Construction of Wind Turbines

UX/UI Design

This project helps employees calculate wind turbines parameters & costs more efficiently. And now it also looks good.


UX Designer
UI Designer

Role on the project

Azure Devops

Tools used

UX Research
Understanding of business requirements
UI wireframes and prototypes
Alignment with technical teams

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Siemens Gamesa, a renewable energy industry leader, sought to optimize wind turbine construction through an internal tool. The tool, now integral to daily operations, demanded a user-friendly design aligned with Siemens Gamesa's brand identity.

🙏 The request

Siemens Gamesa specifically tasked the team with designing each new functionality of the internal tool in a user-friendly and usable manner, ensuring alignment with Siemens Gamesa's business objectives and the unique needs of its users.

🚧 The method

Executed a collaborative design process:
Aligned with Siemens Gamesa's business stakeholders and product owners to understand specific requirements.
Conducted user interviews to prioritize features and gain deep insights into user needs.
Constructed initial mockups, validating feasibility with Siemens Gamesa's technical team.
Iteratively refined designs based on feedback, culminating in high-fidelity prototypes for each new feature.
Maintained continuous collaboration with Siemens Gamesa's development team until the successful delivery of WindOptimize.

😃 The outcome

WindOptimize stands as a testament to Siemens Gamesa's commitment to innovation. The application, continually improved through releases, enables Siemens Gamesa employees to optimize wind turbine construction. This tool plays a pivotal role in Siemens Gamesa's efforts to advance renewable energy solutions, exemplifying the successful intersection of design, technology, and sustainable business practices.


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