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Revolutionizing Farming with a Digital Fertilization Solution

UX/UI Design

This project involves creating a multi-platform digital solution that enhances crop yields and promotes responsible farming practices.


UI designer
UX designer
UX researcher

Role on the project


Tools used

UX design
UI design
Research & conducting interviews
Contribution to existing design system

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Yara is a global fertilizer supplier and works in the agricultural sector. Farmers and advisors are not your usual tech-savvy profile; furthermore, since its retail model is mostly based on resellers, Yara was not receiving a lot of data and information directly from its end-customers.

🙏 The request

To follow up on the digital trend and learn key information about their users, as well as making sure farmers are evolving in the direction of sustainable farming, Yara wanted to launch a digital platform that would help farmers optimize their fertilization strategy.

🚧 The method

1. Research
Gathering insights from past researches to identify the target user group, as well as stakeholders' requirements.
2. Define
Creating personas and user journeys to check how this new digital product would fit in the daily life of a farmer, as well as how it would interact with Yara's already existing apps and solutions.
3. Ideate
Wireframes and brainstorming around what this new product could look like; first beta version launched for testing
4. Usability test of the first version
Interviews with farmers in 3 countries
5. Iterate
New version, new features and new requirements.

😃 The outcome

YaraPlus represents a significant leap in providing farmers with advanced tools for precise and efficient fertilization management, aligning with Yara's mission for sustainable and smart agriculture. YaraPlus launches in February 2024 to the public.


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