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Police Fédérale

From A to Z: Creating a Tablet app to Digitalize Police Controls

UX/UI Design

A challenging project with extended scope across most product design's usual activities, with a key impact on society.


Full-stack designer

Role on the project


Tools used

Interviews & initial analysis
UI design
Usability testing
Creation of early design system
Handover to developers

Key activities

🍭 The premise

The belgian Police is using internal tools that are often not up-to-date with the latest design patterns and concepts of usability. Internal water police officers were still using a paper system to perform controls.

🙏 The request

The project aimed to create a tablet app optimizing boat surveillance on rivers. The goal was to create a solution that simplifies tasks, enhances efficiency and user-friendliness, and aligns with the operational needs of the Belgian Federal Police.

🚧 The method

1. Initiated the project with in-depth interviews and analysis to understand the workflow and requirements of maritime police officers.
2. Together with a team of 3 developers and a functional analyst, created low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to visualize and refine the user interface.
3. Conducted iterative design cycles, incorporating feedback from the users to ensure a user-centric solution.
4. Developed a high-fidelity prototype for comprehensive testing and validation.

😃 The outcome

The tablet app offers maritime police officers an intuitive, efficient tool for boat surveillance, streamlining their operations on rivers. The app is to be used by all maritime police officers after its launch in 2024.


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