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Landing page design: a Quality Management tool for Faculties

UX/UI Design, Website creation

A project of researching, designing and implementing a landing page for a pioneering data analysis software.


Lead UX/UI Designer

Role on the project


Tools used

UX/UI design
Website creation

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Recognizing the increasing need for advanced analytics in academic settings, Scilytics aimed to develop PubInsights to provide faculties and universities with a comprehensive tool for analyzing and understanding their publication data.

🙏 The request

Design an intuitive and powerful software solution that enables faculties and universities to analyze and gain insights from their publication metrics. The emphasis is on user-friendly interfaces and actionable data visualization.

🚧 The method

Conducted thorough user research to understand the unique needs and challenges of academic professionals.
Designed and implemented intuitive user interfaces, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Leveraged data analysis tools such as Python for backend data processing and Tableau for advanced visualization.
Collaborated closely with the Scilytics development team to ensure effective implementation.

😃 The outcome

PubInsights stands as a groundbreaking solution, offering faculties and universities a powerful tool to analyze and derive valuable insights from their publication data. The software, designed with a focus on user experience and actionable analytics, positions Scilytics at the forefront of advancing academic analytics in the digital era.