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Toyota Motor Europe

Transforming the Way to Buy New Cars

UX/UI Design

This project involves the design of an innovative reservation flow for buying a new electric car.


UX Researcher
UI Designer

Role on the project

Google analytics

Tools used

Analysis of insights
Low- to high-fidelity wireframe
Facilitating A/B testing

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Tasked with launching the bZ4X electric car model innovatively, the project aimed to revolutionize Toyota Motor Europe's previous online reservation concept. Insights from Hotjar and Google Analytics guided the redesign process.

🙏 The request

Redesign a more user-friendly online reservation flow, catering to both mobile and desktop users. The goal was to surpass previous reservation attempts and align with Toyota Motor Europe's vision for the bZ4X model.

🚧 The method

Analyzed client-provided insights to inform the low-fidelity wireframe.
Engaged in collaborative iterations with Toyota Motor Europe to develop mid- and high-fidelity wireframes.
Integrated Toyota Motor Europe's visual identity seamlessly into the design.
Generated prototypes for A/B testing, ensuring the optimized performance of the bZ4XReserve flow.

😃 The outcome

The final design, featuring 25+ frames for a 6-step flow, represented a significant leap forward in comparison to the previous reservation system. bZ4XReserve emerged as a user-centric, cross-platform solution, poised to elevate the pre-order experience for the new bZ4X electric vehicle model and drive success for Toyota Motor Europe.