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Solving Usability Issues of an Insurance & Banking App

UX/UI Design

A comprehensive 2-week UX audit for a new insurance application within a prominent Belgian bank.


UX Researcher
Project Manager

Role on the project


Tools used

UX audit
User interviews
Heuristic analysis
Report creation
Presentation to management

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Following the installation of a new insurance application, end-users reported a notable level of discomfort, particularly expressing dissatisfaction with the application's usability. The prevalent concern centered around the excessive number of clicks required to perform tasks, leading to a perceived inefficiency and time-consuming experience.

🙏 The request

Faced with user discontent, the client sought a comprehensive analysis of the application's user experience. The goal was to identify specific pain points and receive actionable recommendations for enhancing user-friendliness. Additionally, the client specifically requested a prioritized effort/impact matrix to guide the implementation of proposed changes effectively.

🚧 The method

The 2-week project unfolded through a meticulous approach:
In-Depth Interviews: Conducted interviews with key stakeholders and end-users to understand their experiences, concerns, and expectations.
Heuristic Analysis: Employed industry-recognized heuristics to evaluate the application's usability against established design principles.
Recommendation Prioritization: Generated concrete recommendations, considering insights from user interviews and heuristics, and prioritized them using an effort/impact matrix. This approach ensured that recommendations aligned with both user needs and strategic goals.

😃 The outcome

The culmination of the project resulted in a comprehensive 100+ page report. The report included:
User Insights: A frame-by-frame identification of insights gathered from user interviews, shedding light on pain points and opportunities for improvement.
Recommendations: Detailed, actionable recommendations addressing identified issues and enhancing overall user experience.
Prioritization Matrix: A strategic effort/impact matrix guiding the client in prioritizing recommended changes for maximum impact. The matrix facilitated an effective implementation plan, ensuring that improvements aligned with user needs and business objectives. The outcome not only addressed existing concerns but also provided a roadmap for ongoing enhancements, emphasizing a user-centric design approach.


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