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Pas Courant

Redesign of an online store checkout

UX/UI Design, Website creation

After receiving several complaints on the usability of the website, Pas Courant, a local shoe store, decided to redesign the checkout experience on their online store.


Role on the project

Joomla CMS

Tools used

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Pas Courant, a local shoe store, had invested in an eCommerce website a few years ago. The number of online orders was not booming, and after some investigation, they found out that it was partially due to the difficult the users were experimenting in the checkout process.

🙏 The request

Pas Courant wanted to implement a cleaner, more user-friendly checkout process to help their customer finalize their online purchase. The flow was to be designed for mobile, tablet and desktop versions.

🚧 The method

After having analyzed the behavior of end-users on the website as well as done a market benchmark analysis for best practices, I proposed first low-fidelity wireframes to the client. In the process, I was also responsible for communicating with the development team and making sure the project was doable technically. Finally, I conducted user tests to make sure that the result was improving the overall experience.

😃 The outcome

The redesigned checkout was successfully implemented and Pas Courant had less complaints regarding the checkout flow on the website.


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