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Personal project

Snack, the movie theatre app

UX/UI Design

Snack allows movie enthusiasts to order food and drinks from the comfort of their seat.


UX/UI designer

Role on the project

Adobe XD

Tools used

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Snack envisions an elevated movie-watching experience, allowing users to effortlessly order and enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks directly from their seats, enhancing convenience and enjoyment.

🙏 The request

Develop a user-friendly mobile app that revolutionizes the movie theater experience by enabling patrons to order a diverse range of snacks and drinks seamlessly from their seats, creating a hassle-free dining experience.

🚧 The method

Conducted user interviews to gather insights into user preferences, habits, and expectations.
Designed an intuitive mobile app interface using Figma, ensuring ease of navigation and a visually engaging experience.
Implemented features for seamless ordering, integrating real-time updates and notifications.
Collaborated closely with the development team, utilizing React Native and Firebase for a responsive and efficient app.

😃 The outcome

Snack delivers on its promise, offering a streamlined movie theater dining experience. The app, designed for ease of use and efficiency, empowers users to enhance their movie-watching enjoyment by ordering a variety of snacks and drinks directly from their seats. Snack transforms the traditional movie-going journey into a modern, convenient, and delightful cinematic experience.


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