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Eclat Créations

Creating an online presence for a new design store & studio

Website creation

Embarked on a digital transformation journey with Eclat Creations, a fusion of an online decoration store and a dynamic interior design studio, to craft a website that captures the essence of their unique offerings.


UI designer
Functional analyst

Role on the project


Tools used

Gathering requirements
Creating website
Meetings & follow up
End-user training

Key activities

🍭 The premise

Eclat Creations, a hub for online decoration and interior design, sought a website that not only showcased their diverse product offerings but also reflected the creativity and sophistication inherent in their interior design studio.

🙏 The request

Develop a visually captivating and user-friendly website that seamlessly integrates an online decoration store with the artistic flair of an interior design studio. The goal is to create a digital platform that mirrors the unique identity of Eclat Creations.

🚧 The method

Conducted thorough market research to understand the target audience and industry trends.
Designed a modern and visually appealing website interface using Adobe XD.
Implemented e-commerce functionality through WooCommerce for seamless online shopping.
Ensured responsive design to provide a consistent experience across various devices.

😃 The outcome

The new Eclat Creations website serves as a virtual showcase, seamlessly blending the charm of an online decoration store with the sophistication of an interior design studio. With a visually appealing design and intuitive navigation, the website enhances Eclat Creations' online presence, inviting customers to explore and immerse themselves in a world of decor and design.


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